Eggnog can hurt you

OK, I measured stuff this time. Liquids lend themselves to that sort of thing and this recipe is all about liquids. Feel free to experiment with the amounts, of course. If you want you can put less booze in, for instance. But why would you want to do that?

Here’s the ingredient list for about 8 servings. Feel free to double or triple the amounts as you see fit:

4 eggs (separated)

1/2 cup sugar (divided equally in two)

1/2 cup brandy

1 1/2 cups whisky

1 1/2 cups milk

1 cup heavy whipping cream (divided equally in two)

Fresh nutmeg

1. Mix half the sugar into the yokes. Set aside.

2. Beat whites until stiff, add other half of sugar.

3. Fold the yokes into the whites.

4. Slowly add the milk, the booze, and half of the cream.

5. Whip the remaining cream and fold into the mixture.

6. Ladle into cups, grind some nutmeg on top for aroma and decoration, and serve.

Seriously strong and tasty cups of egg and liquor goodness is what you’ll have. So watch out. I was strongly influenced by (where “was strongly influenced by” means “shamelessly stole”) this recipe here. And after drinking a couple of these you will be strongly influenced, too. So watch out. This delicious concoction is a great prelude to staying put, definitely not to driving.

Peace out.


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