That guy’s, like, totally gay!

I’m really enjoying this Guckert/Gannon thing. Evidence of the Bush administration’s incompetence is commonplace, but when a gem like this comes to light it makes me smile.

Because I have a minute, and because I think I’m really funny, I’d like to imagine that this isn’t incompetence, just for a minute. I’d like to imagine that this wasn’t a lapse in the Bush administration’s vetting process, but rather that this is actually the stereotype of its members. It starts out well enough:

Loves guns. NRA member. SUV driver. Likes to play at being outspoken. Talks the talk.

But then, of course, there’s the whole, “likes to post pictures of himself naked and solicit homosexual sex” part. (This is where I start to giggle.) And not just a little, but he actually has or had multiple Web sites devoted to this pursuit. (More here.)

So, during the workday he’s all about guns and god, maybe even enjoys spouting homophobic comments around the cooler, perhaps has even beaten up a fag or two, just for show. But down deep it’s man-on-man action that gives him wood.

This makes the concept of a vice president or senator with homosexual offspring actively pursuing a constitutional ammendment to prohibit gay marriage a lot easier to digest. It all kinda’ makes sense.

Ha ha ha. That’s just a little bit of whimsy. Chuckle chuckle. Of course I’m not suggesting that Dick Cheney or Alan Keys surf gay porn at night. Or that most of the guys that you see drivng SUVs or monster trucks with gun racks are latent homosexuals.

That would be absurd.


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