Nick and Jessica

Nick and Jessica broke up. It’s so sad. One minute they are the very embodiment of love everlasting, the next they’re going their separate ways. I just don’t understand how that can happen. It’s pretty much all I can think about these days.

That and the growing trade deficit with China, which has increased over 200% since 1995, 150% with the rest of the world.

That there’s twice as much severe draught in the world today as there was in 1970.

That full grown adults still believe in imaginary creatures they call gods, to the point of being happy to kill whomever they imagine their gods want them to kill for whatever reason they imagine their imaginary super-being might want them to.

The simultaneous increase in the cost of petroleum, with the decrease in its availability, and the increase in our need for a green energy policy for so many different reasons, and our dogged determination to consume more and more oil as fast as possible to the exclusion of all other options, even to the point of ridiculing those that might have the temerity to suggest an alternate energy source.

The broad, sweeping wiretapping, email intercepting, and spying that is invading our homes, destroying the freedoms that once set The United States apart from rogue states that don’t care about freedom, and doing so in a way that is completely incapable of delivering positive results in the Orwellian bullshit we are forced to refer to as the war on terror.

That full grown adults have been and continue to be fooled time and again that war can be waged against a concept.

The naked opportunistic greed that has blinded every politician in every house of government to any issues that are relevant to me, my family, and the rest of this ignorant nation of chumps.

That those with great monetary wealth often tend to lose all sense of modesty and humility, not to mention compassion, in their quest for even greater piles filthy lucre.

And whether our troops will be invading Iran next because Israel’s been blown up by a nuclear bomb, the Kurds have seceded and immediately been invaded by Turkey, and the Shia and the Sunnis have decided now’s a great time to annihilate one another.

But mostly how Nick and Jessica are doing.

I hope those poor kids can work it out. They seemed so happy together.


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