Why Atheists Always Lose—Part 2


Theists are easy targets. The shit they believe is crazy by any metric. And, individually at least, they’re all pretty much pussies. All you have to do is look at them funny and they start screaming bloody fucking murder that their “beliefs” aren’t being respected. They also run the entire fucking show, their headquarters have been built in every single goddamn town in the entire fucking nation, and belief in some god (preferably Jesus) is a requirement for entering politics, no exception. So how the fuck did these weasels manage to take over all of human society? What does it say about the Human Race in general that this kind of madness thrives so virulently?

Why Atheists Always Lose, a three part series from the crack research team at Wad’s Place, will try to answer some of those questions.

Part 2

Theism is a great, juicy fruitcake of lies with a few raisins of useful information thrown in. Regardless of which flavor you choose, it is an absolutely delicious thing to consume. Every succulent morsel tastes like dessert but satisfies the terrified primate in all of us like a four-course meal of hope, reassurance, promise, and salvation. Mmm, mm, mm.

While sycophantic, bleeding heart, liberal school teachers might try to convince you that honesty is the best policy, the truth is seldom coupled with endearing adjectives, happy, sunny, warm. More often it is served cold and hard. Isn’t life already cold and hard enough? Do we really need to torture ourselves with meals of crow? Atheism is about not believing fantastic notions. No cake for you! Sad little atheist.

Fantastic notions are insanely popular.

Oh sure, we could table theories, aggressively attempt to disprove them, and tentatively accept the ones that survive, knowing that it only takes one contradiction to force us to reconsider, but do we really expect that to compete with immortal super-beings that look just like us, sound just like us, and behave just like us? Check it out! those guys are throwing lightning bolts and causing floods and murdering babies, taking care of business! Yeah!

Theism provides an illusion of magical power.

They call it “praying,” which comes from the Middle English word, “preien,” and is related to the word, deprecate, and also to the word, prey. I’ll leave you to consider the implications of those etymological relationships on your own.

The groovy thing about praying, as anyone can tell you, is that it appears to present you with the opportunity to tap into a super-natural realm where things can happen simply because you wish them to. Hot damn!

Top that, atheists!


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