iPod Phone, schmiPod Phone

There’s nothing smart about a device with a three inch wide QWERTY keyboard on it.

The price is ridiculous, but Apple will sell plenty nonetheless. Anyone with half a brain can see that.

You’ll be locked in to Cingular, but it’s not as if Cingular’s the only screwed up provider.

Will it “revolutionize the phone industry”? I doubt it.

But there is one idea I hope it does introduce to the industry in a big way: the end of physical keyboards taking up way too much real estate on tiny devices. Those were never a good idea.

Let’s not forget that the QWERTY layout was designed not to make typing easier for its user, but to save early typewriters from becoming jammed. OK? That’s one. The second point is that you can’t use all of your fingers on a keyboard that’s only two or three inches across. Can’t be done. And plunking away with one or two digits on a retarded layout is dumb. But you conduct a focus group or two and the pinheads in upper management can be easily convinced that it’s a great idea. And once one of them does it they all do it. We should feel sorry for those MBA idiots.

Finally, someone comes up with a different approach. Well, Apple’s not actually the first to develop a better input method for a PDA, and they didn’t actually complete the maneuver (they are still using the retarded QWERTY layout). But it’s a step in the right direction by one of the industry giants, so I’m hopeful that others will soon follow.


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