Orange County—Worst Place on Earth

Watching how well the “unconscious underage girl forced us to rape her” defense seemed to be working for the son of a wealthy and influential Orange County Assistant Sheriff, Greg Haidl, and his friends, was disheartening. But when, three years after the rape took place, they were finally sent to prison, it seemed a ray of hope shined through the smog of Orange County.

Now, with the “stripper forced me to spray my load on her sweater defense a shining success for David Alex Park, who thankfully is no longer working as a law enforcement officer with a penchant for pretty, vulnerable ladies, I fear Orange County must really suck just as bad as it has always seemed to. Anywhere an on-duty cop can stalk hot chicks, scoring telephone numbers and spraying ejaculate, while he’s supposed to be, oh I don’t know, maybe upholding the rule of law or something, and then evade prosecution has to be completely fucked up. More evidence of fuckeduppedness would be a twelve person jury containing only one woman for such a case. Oh yeah, those 50 and 60 year old men were the “peers” of this young lady and her 30 year old stalker, you bet.

Fucking assholes.


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