Republicans Dig Torture

Sad but true.

Anyone who saw the debate knows that the republican party is not in the least bit done with its sycophantic adoration of pathetic wimps who act tough, like spoiled five-year-olds sticking their tongues out from behind daddy’s leg.

Of course, the debate was hosted by Fox News, and Fox News is just the main propaganda machine for the republican party. This is known. So we view it in that light.

Nonetheless, declarations of commitment to maintaining our gulag, Guantanamo, even enlarging it, received big applause. For real. So did affirmations of enthusiasm for torture, also known as “enhanced interrogation techniques.” These folks the Fox News team rounded up to populate the audience are actually enthusiastic about pissing away America’s credibility and creating a world where no one is safe. Sweet.

Check it: by being down with torture you align yourself with folks like Stalin, Pol Pot, Pinochet, oh, the list of evil fucks who enjoy this shit is pretty long. Also, guys who weaseled out of their responsibility to serve like Rudy Giuliani or Dick Cheney tend to love torture. They love it because they’re pussies.

You may need to actually crack a book or two to really understand what this is about. If your normal method of informing yourself consists of watching the television or listening to conservative talk radio, you’re leading a life of relative ignorance. I guess that would make you more likely to vote republican.

For the record: being opposed to torture aligns you with people like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. These guys were not pussies. These guys stood up for what they knew was right even in the face of opposition.

They pretty much built this nation on the principle of habeas corpus, and we were further protected by the posse comitatus act (Hayes, 1878). Don’t know what those things are? More evidence that you have failed to educate yourself. Turn off the TV and start reading. Fox News and the republican party like you stupid.

Here’s another clue that the republicans are actually a bunch of pussies: Pussies tend to surround themselves with ideological clones. Lincoln had balls. He staffed his administration with some opponents, created a cabinet that was, we can presume, “representational” of the citizenry. Takes guts, real guts, not the pussy bullshit the republicans have been dishing up.

Do us all a favor: don’t vote republican.


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