What to Say to the Theists

When they knock on your door to try and indoctrinate you, you may be tempted to challenge them on the many obvious falsehoods and inconsistencies in their dogma. But by doing this you are simply discussing “their dogma” and so, in a way, they’ve won.

You might be tempted to challenge them on the irrationality of believing in a deity, since no deity has ever been seen or recorded. But again, talking to the theists about their fantasy father figure means they’ve won. Regardless of what you say, it will only serve to bolster the beliefs they are already clinging to.

I recommend you aim for something irreducable, something that predicates all other philosophical discussion. Like so:

“Let me share something with you that you already know: the way you were before you born is exactly how you will be after you are dead.”

End of discussion. Sleep well, theists.


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