Similarities Between America and Iran

Both countries are led by an unpopular, ideologically extreme president with strong ties to fundamentalist religious wing-nuts.

Both countries have strong liberal yearnings for freedom and justice among the populace.

Both countries are populated in part by vain individuals who often place higher value in superficial traits than genuine attributes like honesty and integrity.

Both countries would suffer great, long-term harm from a war with the other, but the fringe extremists running those countries would exact short-term gains by, once again, taking advantage of the knee-jerk, jingoistic enthusiasm that always follows conflict (the same trick they used for stealing a second term).

We’ve all been listening to those who botched Iraq demonize Iran ever since it became clear that Iraq was a failed state with no hope (shortly after the “Mission Accomplished” stunt). Word on the street is that, in their desperation, they will be marshaling all of their toadies and complicit media/propaganda outlets for an intense blitz of disinformation designed to push for war with Iran starting the week after Labor Day.

Consider how bad Iraq has gone; Iran will be much worse. Iran actually has an army.


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