After the Oil is Gone

Here’s something to cheer you down: Life in a Post-Carbon World was written over a year ago, so it’s not exactly news. But its message gets more pertinent everyday. Fuck all the debate. Fuck the oil companies, their record profits secured via the blood of our fighting men and women, and fuck their friends in the Bush Administration. None of that shit matters because no one has the balls to stop them, not you, not me. Their pernicious rampage will continue, aided and abetted by all of our docile, complicit, and sorry asses.

But one day, maybe sooner, maybe later, that shit’s gonna’ dry up, and when it does a sizable chunk of the world’s human population is going to die off. Hoping that it will be otherwise is ideological naiveté. Read about Peak Oil with as many grains of salt as you like. It’s only a question of time. Obviously the poorer you are the worse off you’ll likely be.

Ironically, for many of the other species of animals on this planet, the end of our petro-chemical era will be fantastic news.

Here’s a funny article; it says that oil recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico could swell US oil reserves by 50%! Woopty-fuckin-doo. We’ll go from having a tiny fraction of the world’s oil reserves to a slightly larger tiny fraction. We were the world’s largest producer of oil up until the 50s, when the wells in Texas and Oklahoma started to run dry. Now we just consume the stuff like we have plenty. Needless to say the wheels of our economy are starting to wobble. The Canadian dollar just reached parity with ours and a Euro costs us $1.40 to buy. Oops, so much for that trickle-down effect. I guess giving free money to the super-rich doesn’t actually benefit anyone but the super-rich. Stunning.

Our choices would seem to fall into two categories: business as usual and let’s start doing research now.

Smart people will start doing research now. Most of us will be the business as usual types because we’re lame and we suck.

To start, what we need is a list of things in our lives that currently depend on petroleum. This is going to be a very long list and for most of the items there simply won’t be any alternatives. But we need to figure this out and soon.

But we won’t. Cuz we suck.


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