It’s Good to be Bush

The Bush Administration is doing so well. It’s amazing.

Sure, many of the big players have had to quit in disgrace, but that’s no big deal. Republicans today embrace all duplicity. You can be a convicted felon, a bigot, a racist; you’re still welcome in the GOP. You might even say you’re at home.

And to really appreciate the success of the Bush Administration, you need to ignore traditional measures like GDP and the strength of the economy, and don’t concern yourself with education or middle class wealth (of course).

Just focus on how much fun the president and his friends are having, how much they enjoy what they’re doing: abusing the power they stole, running up huge debt with the world’s largest credit card (the US Economy), sending other people’s children off to die far from home, playing with guns, wrecking the Justice Department and every other single government agency, and of course, awarding truckloads of no-bid contracts to all their friends, war profiteers like Haliburton, Bechtel, and Blackwater.

George has a painting of a horse thief up in his office; he says it’s his favorite. Plenty of folks have made a lot of hay over his apparent affection for this depiction of a criminal; plenty have defended him for his simple enjoyment of a pretty picture. I think we should stop defending him.

He’s doing just fine, really. Stop defending him, stop listening to him, stop paying any attention to him at all, and he will go away. I promise that’s true.


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