Political Prosecution

Don Siegelman, Wes Teel, and now Sue Schmitz, a 63-year-old retired social studies teacher from Alabama. All being aggressively prosecuted with unusual ferocity for questionable crimes. (Sue Schmitz is accused of not punching the clock for her job that started at 37k and ended at 53k.)

Last time I heard, when employees perform poorly they are spoken to or fired, not apprehended like violent criminals (Mrs. Schmitz was pulled from her shower in the early morning before being frog-marched to jail). But the Bush Administration wants desperately to make Democrats appear corrupt because they have no better hope of hiding their own corruption, which is legendary. Alberto may be gone but the stink just keeps getting stronger.

Why is it that not a single crime has been investigated among the mercenaries and contractors in the war in Iraq? Simple: those companies are all Republican campaign contributors. And why have the above mentioned three (and probably others) been treated like violent criminals for what appear to be very petty indictments? Simple: they are guilty of being successful while voting democratic.

Make no mistake, the attorney scandal was, at its heart, all about rigging elections. The attorneys fired were let go for not aggressively prosecuting the democratic targets handed down from Karl Rove and Dick Cheney. Karl left when it got too hot, but he’s probably not gone far, as his signature mendacity continues to thrive in the Justice Department.

The attorneys that were not fired are the real problems. Most of them are hacks with little or no talent for practicing law, but all of them are loyal Bushies. And that’s the real crime here.

We currently have a Justice Department that is far more concerned with political attacks than anything even remotely to do with justice. Attorney General Mukassey can’t even identify waterboarding as torture for that would incriminate his real boss, George Bush, not justice. It is clear: nothing is more likely to win you an indictment than being a democrat. You can rape, steal, torture and waste tax dollars by the plane-load, as long as you pay the right party.


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