Bush Speaks Gooder for Torture

To the critics, I ask them this: when we, within the law, interrogate and get information that protects ourselves and possibly others in other nations to prevent attacks, which attack would they have hoped that we wouldn’t have prevented?

You really have to respect the man’s progress. Considering how much trouble he’s had in the past with speaking simple English sentences, this one’s a veritable tour de force. He and his handlers must have rehearsed it for days, maybe weeks.

It also shows how desperate they are. This torture thing is seriously going to bite Bush and his friends in the ass. As soon as the people of the United States decide we were better off when we possessed a sense of nobility based on our embrace of the concept of justice, the torturers (Bush, Cheney, and all their weasely minions) are going to face criminal trials.

Sure, it will be complicated because of all the shitty immunity bills they managed to ram-rod through congress, but it will happen.


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