Exporting American Culture

While traveling abroad, perhaps the first things an American will recognize are the fast-food joints, the meals from which possess dubious nutritional value and may be hazardous to your health. The next things from home he or she is likely to see are cigarettes, the use of which provide no noteworthy pleasure and are certainly hazardous to your health, nearly as dangerous as heroin. The export of pop-stars to foreign countries is too depressing to discuss, as are the gangster-fashions, wardrobes, and lifestyles that go with them.

But even with that sordid assortment of offerings, the latest profoundly tragic United States export still stands out starkly and has already proven to be hazardous and possibly fatal to the nation of Georgia; it has already proven fatal to many Georgians.

Manufacturing a crisis out of lies as justification for invading a sovereign nation
, overthrowing it’s government, recklessly killing its populace and destroying its infrastructure simply because you want to remove its leader from power is surely the most gruesome and shameful thing the United States has ever peddled overseas.

Which is why George W. Bush, certainly no stranger to looking like an ass, may as well have jammed his head straight up his own ass rather than try to scold Vladimir Putin for invading Georgia; that at least might have impressed a few people.

Unfortunately, Georgia is a strong ally of the United States and could have used our support in this crisis. Last year, Georgia doubled its troop presence in Iraq at a time when we needed support. Sucks to be them. They clearly made a huge tactical mistake in choosing The United States as an ally.

Russia is in ascension and Putin knows that America can’t do shit to stop him as all our troops are already committed to spreading democracy elsewhere.

Remember when The United States of America was all about Truth, Justice and Liberty? Or did I just dream that?


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