Legal Notice

Legal Notice

By accessing this Web site in any way, shape, or form, directly or indirectly, you (hereinafter, CHUMP) grant fugginWad and his duly authorized agents (hereinafter, collectively, WAD) carte blanche, including but not limited to unrestricted use and abuse of CHUMP’s personal information, personal property, personal finances, personal anatomy, and increasingly precarious emotional state. Furthermore, CHUMP abandons all claims of privacy in regards to WAD’s exploration of his or her stuff.

This agreement may be be altered at any time by WAD. Quietly changing a document somewhere on the Internet shall constitute notification. It is incumbent on CHUMP to locate these changes, seeing as how CHUMP grants automatic blanket consent to any such changes.

Should any part of this agreement be found illegal, the remaining parts shall remain in full force. Parts found merely unethical or tasteless may be doubled in magnitude, solely at the discretion of WAD.


Legal Notice shamelessly appropriated from


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